Mederic Turay (Abdjan 1979)

Group Show




2015: Abidjan ArtFestival ( AAA) Fondation Donwahi/Ivory Coast


2015: N2N Gallery  Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates


2015: Six Artists, One Africa Chelsea Gallery, London


2015: Galerie Zandi, Berlin-Germany


2014: Selection by “Saatchi Gallery”, London


2015: Africa plural,Gallery Out  of Africa, Barcelona


2014: Jack Bell, Gallery  Art prize,  London


2011: Arkadi, Centre Culturel Français, Abidjan


2011: City of Hall, Abidjan


2011: ART from Africa, Guishard solution-Washington DC


2009: Sifcom,Abidjan



Solo Show


2016: Collaboration with Donwahi Foundation and Abidjan

Airport for the VIP Salon


2015: Unlimited Morocco. BCK Gallery  Marrakech


2015: Afric’Art is Beautiful, Cherkaoui Foundation, Tangier


2014: Liberation unmasked, Gallery  Sulger Buel Lovell, London.


2014: Traces of Humanity, Gallery  Out  of Africa , Barcelona


2013: Centre Culturel Français , Abidjan


2012: Art and integration in Africa with Sea Plaza, Dakar


2010: Je viens de là , Cergy-Pontoise


2009: La Croix Rouge, Abidjan


2006: Hotel  Sofitel « Miroir », Abidjan


2001: Galerie Art pluriel , Abidjan


1999: L’Enfance, Embassy of Italy, Abidjan


1999: Art Gallery  “Art’Essence“, Côte d’Ivoire