Lemi Ghariokwu (Emmannuel S.1955)

2002: Lagos: Past and Present. Group exhibition in conjunction with Muson Art Festival Week. Curated by Chike Uwaogudu. Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria. Also exhibited at Nimbus Art Center, Lagos, May 2002.[13]

2003: Group exhibition that was a Sophie Sanders/Lemi Gariokwu collaboration. Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.[13]

2003: Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Group exhibition that included Ghariokwu Lemi. New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, 11 July–19 September 2003.[13]

2004: Works on Paper. A Group exhibition which included Ghariokwu Lemi. Curated by Maika Pollack and Florian Altenburg. Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 23 January–7 March 2004.[13]

2004: Everybody's Gotta Be Somebody: a Ghariokwu Lemi Story. Documentary film by Aaron Konisberg on Ghariokwu Lemi's painting. US premiere at the Jump N' Funk, Coral Room, New York, 28 May 2004, and UK premiere at the Spitz Gallery, London, 4 October 2004.[13]

2004: The Art of GHARIOKWU LEMI: P. E. A. C. E (Pictorial Evolution Acknowledging Conscious Emancipation). First solo exhibition in the UK. Curated by Debbie Sealy. Spitz Gallery, London, 23 September–17 October 2004.[13]

2006: Eyes of Africa. Group exhibition that included Ghariokwu Lemi. Curated by Liz Bagnal. Buntingford, UK, July 2006.[13]

2006: Political Cartoons from Nigeria: Ghariokwu Lemi, Comfort Jacobs and Lordwealth Ololade. Three-person exhibition. Curated by Maika Pollack and Florian Altenburg. Works made between 1975 and 2006 by three Nigerian artists. The cartoons, originally intended for a Nigerian audience, deal with figures such as Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, corruption at all levels of government, and American foreign policy. Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 10 November–17 December 2006.[13]

2007:AmeriKKKa. Group exhibition which included Ghariokwu Lemi and Roberto Visani. Curated by Mariko Tanaka and Raul Zamudio. Artist Network Gallery, New York, 19 January–16 February 2007.[13]

2007: From Taboo to Icon: Africanist Turnabout. Group exhibition of 32 artists working in all media. Curated by Sophie Sanders & Shervone Neckles. Included: Sophia Ainslie, Ruby Amanze, Maya Freelon Asante, Terry Boddie, Kimberly Camp, Syd Carpenter, Colin Chase, Sonya Clark, Jamal Cyrus, John Dowell, Earl Fyffe, Lonnie Graham, Theodore Harris, Melvina Lathan, Franky LaudeB, Betty Leacraft, Simone Leigh, Ghariokwu Lemi, Heather Marie Davis-Jones, Tyrone Mitchell, Ayanah Moor, Keith Morrison, Karyn Olivier, Nadine Patterson, Debra Priestly, Hank Willis Thomas, Juana Valdes, Deborah Willis, et al. Ice Box Project Space, Crane Arts Center, Philadelphia, 10 January–10 February 2007.[13]

2007: Democrazy: GHARIOKWU LEMI and the Art of the Album Cover. Solo exhibition. Curated by Bisi Silver. Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Lagos, Nigeria, 8 December 2007–20 January 2008.[13]

2008: Lagos: Paradigm Shift - Art Exhibition of Design and Paintings by GHARIOKWU LEMI, Legendary Cover Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Solo exhibition. Curated by Chigaza Hanum. Harmattan Workshop Gallery, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. 22–28 November 2008.[13]

2009: GHARIOKWU LEMI: Afro-Pop Art: Politics, Life and Lyrics. Solo exhibition. Artists Resource Collective (ARC) gallery, London, UK. 15 October–12 November 2009.[13]

2013: Art's Own Kind:"Vintage Lemi", Axiomatic Expressions and AfroPop Series. The sixth solo exhibition powered by Bloom art. Curated by Ugoma Adegoke, co-founder of the LifeHouse. Didi Museum, Lagos, Nigeria. 25–30 May 2013.

2013: Polemics. A solo exhibition. Red Door Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria. December 2013–January 2014.

2014: Afro Art Beat. Lemi's work was exhibited at a salon art exhibition powered by Red Door Gallery, hosted by Zircon Marine Limited.Saatchi Gallery (The Mess Room), Chelsea, London, 16 February 2014.[14]

2015: The Reinvented Covers. Solo exhibition powered by Bloom art. Curated by Ugoma Adegoke. Lagos, Nigeria, 8 November–8 December 2015.