Esther Mahlangu (Middelburg 1936)

Solo exhibitions

2016 Esther Mahlangu Individual 7 series BMW and accompanying exhibition co-curated by BMW and 34FineArt, Frieze Art Fair, London, UK

2015 Esther Mahlangu 80, curated by 34FineArt, UCT Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town, SA

2014 Esther Mahlangu: An Artistic Residency, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia, USA

2012 Overlay, 34FineArt, Cape Town, SA

2010 Centro Espositivo St. Art, Calenzano, Italy

2008 Esther Mahlangu: Reacquiring, The Kyle Kauffman Gallery, New York, USA

2007 Esther Mahlangu 2007, 34LONG, Cape Town, SA

2007 Why Africa?, Fiat 500, Turin, Italy

2005 Esther Mahlangu, 34LONG, Cape Town, SA

2003 Esther Mahlangu 2003, curated by 34FineArt, UCT Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town, SA

1998 Museum of Oceanian and African Art, Paris, France

1997 BA Airways Tail paintings, UK

1991 BMW Art Cars Commission, Germany

Selected exhibitions

2015 Imibala Gallery, Somerset West, SA

2015 Sneaker design with Swedish Company Eytys, Paris Fashion Week, France

2015 40 years of BMW Art Cars, BMW Museum, Munchen, Germany

2014 Traditional African Murals, Museum of African Art, Belgrade, Serbia

2014 Look Mickey!, 34FineArt, Cape Town, SA

2014 Les Magiciens de la Terre, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

2014 Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

2014 Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, SA

2013 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London, UK

2013 Urban Interpretation, Graffik Gallery, London, UK

2013 FourWalls, 34FineArt, Cape Town, SA

2012 Art Drive! Exhibition, Great Eastern Street Car Park in Shoreditch, London, UK

2012 Urban Interpretation, 34FineArt, Cape Town, SA

2012 Blend, 34FineArt, Cape Town, SA

2011 Durban Tourism Indaba, Durban, SA

2011 Ensemble, 34FineArt, Cape Town, SA

2011 ArtMonaco'1 1, Monaco

2011 Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA

2010 Africa. Objetos y Sujetos, Teatro Fernan Gomez, Centro de Arte, Madrid, Spain

2010 ATASA Trust Southern Africa Handcraft & Ndebele Art Exhibition, Newtown, SA

2010 La mostra sulla Regina d'Africa Esther Mahlangu, Napoli, Italy

2010 Museum of Arts and Design, New York City, USA

2010 FIFA Official Artist, Italy

2009 Sortileges, Fondation pour L'art Contemporain, Claudine et Jean-Marc Salomon, Alex, France

2009 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2009 - 2010 Africa? Una nuova storia, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome, Italy

2008 The Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

2008 Denver Museum of Art, Denver, Colorado, USA

2008 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA

2007 Why Africa?, Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Turin, Italy

2007 Painted the New Fiat 500 - "Why Africa?", The Pigozzi Collection, Italy

2007 SA Art—Signs, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 Berlin and Beyond Art in Public Places, Florida, USA

2007 Durban Art Gallery, Durban, SA

2007 Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, USA

2007 The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

2007 Tacoma Museum of Art, Tacoma, Washington, USA

2006 100% African; The Jean Pigozzi Contemporary African Art Collection, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

2006 Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

2006 Memory Innovation Tradition, 34 LONG, Cape Town, SA

2006 Roppongi Hills Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2006 Beyond Lilith: The Sacred Feminine, Scuderie Aldobrandini Frascati, Roma, Italy

2005 Arts of Africa, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

2005 Yokohama Triennial, Japan

2005 New Identities Contemporary Art from South Africa, Pretoria Art Museum & Johannesburg Art Gallery, SA

2005 Galleria Spacia, Italy

2005 South Africa-USA Native American Exchange Project, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, USA

2005 Project Row Houses, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA

2005 African Art Now: Masterpieces from the Jean Pigozzi Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA

2005 National Museum of African Art, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., USA

2004 New Identities Contemporary Art from South Africa, Museum Bochum, Germany

2004 New Orleans Jazz Festival, South African Stage, New Orleans, USA

2003 Dentro e Fuori le Mura, Fabbrica Eos, Milano, Italy

2002 Passport to South Africa, Centro Culturale Trevi, Bolzano, Italy

2002 The Art of Colour, Knysna Fine Art Gallery, Knysna, SA

2001 Arte Africana Contemporanea, Galleria d'arte Spazia, Bologna, Italy

2001 Galleria Cavellini, Brescia, Italy

2001 South Africa Today, The Helsinki Fair Centre, Finland

2000 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art, Lyons, France

2000 Dialogue of Cultures, EXPO 2000, Hannover, Germany

1999 The Three Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburgh, USA

1999 <<REWIND>>FAST FORWARD.ZA, Van Reekum Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

1998 Solo Exhibition, Musee des Arts d'Afrique et d'Oceanie, Paris, France

1998 Africa Africa: Vibrant New Art from a Dynamic Continent, Tobu Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

1997 Exhibit Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

1997 York College, Los Angeles, California, USA

1997 Mural for National Museum of Woman in the Arts, Washington D.C., USA

1997 Ndebele Images - Then and Now, National Arts Club, New York, USA

1997 Oog op Zuidelijke Afrika, Het Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal, Netherlands

1997 Portal to America, Installation, Spoleto Festival, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

1997 African Immigrant Folklife Festival, Washington D.C., USA

1996 Parish Gallery, Georgetown, USA

1996 Exhibition for the Congressional Black Caucus, Washington D.C., USA

1996 Armour J. Blackburn Centre, Howard University, Washington D.C., USA

1996 World Bank, Washington D.C., USA

1996 Mural - Ministry of Finance Building, Pretoria, SA

1996 Mural - Alexandra Township Stadium, Johannesburg, SA

1995 BMW Art Cars and Paintings Exhibition, Sydney, Australia

1995 Group Exhibition, Market Theatre, Johannesburg, SA

1994 BMW Art Cars Collection, National Museum of Woman in the Arts, Washington D.C., USA

1994 Mural - National Museum of Woman in the Arts, Washington D.C., USA

1994 Mural - Ndebele College of Education, KwaNdebele, SA

1994 Mural - African Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

1994 Mural - European Inventive Business Travel Meetings Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

1994 Out of Africa, Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, France

1993 La Grande Verite, Les Astres Africains, Nantes Fine Arts Museum, Nantes, France

1993 European Inventive Business Travel Meetings Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal

1993 Geneva International Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

1992 Comme des Garcons, Tokyo, Japan; New York, USA; and Paris, France

1992 Out of Africa, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

1992 Fire Screen, Civic Theatre, Johannesburg, SA

1992 BMW Art Cars, Documenta 9, Kassel, Germany

1992 Africa Hoy, Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands

1992 Africa Hoy, Cultural Centre of Contemporary Art, Mexico City, Mexico

1991 BMW Art Cars, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, SA

1991 Painting columns in Building, Tokyo, Japan

1991 Fashion Collection, Tokyo, Japan

1991 Ny Afrikansk Billedkunst, Copenhagen, Denmark

1991 Africa Hoy, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Las Palmas, de Gran Canaria, Spain

1990 Caravan Auto Show, Lavante, France

1990 Bordeaux Festival, Bordeaux, France

1990 Mural Painting, Rosebank Shopping Centre, SA

1990 Mural Painting, Johannesburg School, SA

1989 Centre de la Villette, Paris, France

1989 Fine Arts Museum, Angoulême, France

1989 Mural Painting, Musee des Beaux Arts, France

1989 Les Magiciens de la Terre, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France